Want To Know a Little About Us?
AL and KAREN, Your Hosts!

Here's a little about us. Karen and I both love to travel and our favorite places are along the water or beautiful beaches. At very least we love a fantastic water view.

I, Al, was born near Quebec city in a small town called Beauport in the province of Quebec, Canada.

As a child (one of nine children) I loved swimming or fishing in the Montmorency River. Montmorency Falls is quite an attraction and can be spectacular in all seasons.

At the age of 10 we moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. We traveled by train across this vast country of Canada taking three or four days to cross. When I saw the Rockies from a distance I was in awe! We finally stopped at the Vancouver Central Station and for the first time I saw the Pacific Ocean. In my developing years my desire for waterfront destinations only grew more and more. It was when I was in my 40's however that I realized what truly drew me to the water. To this day I still experience it as I get closer to the water. Just the sight of it calms every fibre of my very being. Living close to Stanley Park, you may find me out for a jog on the Seawall or just a calming stroll. The sea breeze, the salt air, the waves gently rolling on the shore… I find myself just letting go.

I was fortunate to find my partner in life at the age of 45 on a dinner cruise around Stanley Park. Karen and I were married in 2005. We were married at a small bed and breakfast called Rowena's Inn and Sandpiper Golf Course


I could go into long detail about how we came to choose this location but let me just say that it was fantastic! We got there early. I played a round of golf with my in laws there. I changed from my golf clothes to my suit an hour before the ceremony, got married, had pictures taken with the river as a backdrop, enjoyed the reception with family and friends and stayed overnight with some close friends and family. All of it done in one location!! So easy and so much fun!! I highly recommend it.

My son Corey is currently living in Brazil . Although I have not been yet, he tells me it is absolutely wonderful. I think I will have him make a contribution on our website regarding his travels there!!

My daughter Dacia lives in the farming community of Chilliwack, British Columbia. Chilliwack is fantastic for fishing. If you need fishing gear in this area, a good place to visit is Fred's Custom Tackle . Chilliwack is situated between the Fraser River and the Vedder River. Nestled among the mountains. It is a good waterfront destination with Cultus Lake Provincial Park as a favorite destination for the beach and camping.

I'll let Karen write a bit about herself when she gets a chance. I will however say that she is from New Zealand and certainly wants to go back to visit friends and her sister. Who knows… maybe a waterfront home in both Canada and New Zealand? Spring and summer 12 months of the year? We'll keep you updated!

We now reside across the street from a small lake in the city of Vancouver. Trout Lake is a wonderful little lake where people can stroll and walk their dogs. There is a small off leash area where Fido can run and play with other dogs. On hot summer days the children can swim under the watchful eye of lifeguards and parents. Getting up in the morning and going for a walk around the lake with a good cup of coffee or tea is always a good morning! Living so close to the lake, we feel very relaxed.

Karen and I love taking photographs (view our website of our waterfront destination photos here ). We are not professional photographers but we have been known to take great shots from time to time! Karen and I love to banter about who took what shot! Of course… all the best ones are mine! Or… are they hers? As you read our site you will find a few links taking you to different places or showing pictures. Take a detour if you see something interesting you want to learn more about! Isn't that what travel is all about?

For a quick getaway we love Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. Karen has traveled the world extensively. I leave all the plans to her.

We have been on cruises in the Mediterranean and Mexico. We have traveled by planes, trains and automobiles (moped also)! We loved the moped in Greece and Turkey! One of our favorite vacations was Mount Robson, British Columbia. I introduced Karen to camping. We camped along the Fraser River.

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know a bit about us and, as we grow we hope you will keep best-waterfront-destinations.com bookmarked as your best waterfront destinations travel site! Don't forget… Not only do we want to share our favorites but you can also share your favorite waterfront destination as well!

Thanks for visiting. See you again soon!

Al and Karen


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