Cannon Beach Vacation
An Oregon Coast Favorite!

Looking for a relaxing vacation getaway along the beautiful Oregon Coast? A Cannon Beach vacation may be what you are looking for. Cannon Beach is a charming little town along the West coast and is blessed with a long and wide beach to help you relax!

You will not find large chain stores in Cannon Beach due to their strict regulations to keep its tourist charm and casual lifestyle! This being said however, you will find some wonderful arts and crafts stores! Bookstores, shops and bistros are conveniently located as part of the town's plan to attract tourists.


The Cannon Beach Sandcastle building competition is an annual event since 1964! Inspire the kids to show you what they can build!

State parks are nearby if you enjoy camping or great waterfront hotels for your perfect beach Oregon beach vacation!

This gorgeous beach along the Oregon Coast is 9 miles or 14.5 Km. long. If you enjoy long romantic walks along the beach this may be a great choice!

If you are planning a Cannon Beach vacation you will find this is also a great place to take the kids on hikes, fly kites or how about that sandcastle building we told you about??

Best things to do or best Attractions in Cannon Beach!

• Visit Ecola State Park (which is now included as part of Lewis & Clark National Historic Park) gives breathtaking views of the Oregon coastline. One of the trail will lead you to one of the best views of the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse or do some whale watching from here during the summer or winter migration! Ecola State Park offers some of the best panoramic views and is one the most photographed portions of the Oregon coastline.

A very secluded beach within Ecola State Park is Indian Beach ! Indian beach is a beautifully shaped stretch of sand and cobbles. It a favorite for ocean kayakers and adventurous surfers who love to venture on the waves regardless of water temperatures.

Oswald West State Park

is another favorite Oregon State Park near Cannon Beach. Located just 10 miles south of this beautiful Oregon coast town, you will find a lovely little beach getaway for the day. A 30 minute walk will take you to Smuggler's Cove or Short Sands Beach. This Oregon Coast beach is fairly isolated. Rarely crowded during the week (weekends are busier), it is a favorite place for windsurfing, surfing, boogie boarding, and a cool refreshing swim (by cool... we mean cool!).

Haystack Rock is one of the attractions and is a must see on your Cannon Beach vacation. Reaching a height of 235 feet or 71.6 Meters it is one of the largest intertidal natural structures in the world meaning it may be reached by land. Summertime during low tide is the best time to fully realize it size. It is approximately the height of a 25 storey building!
The area around Haystack Rock was granted Marine Garden status by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in 1990. Enjoy this wonderful attraction in Cannon Beach but be careful to observe regulations around the rock! In the months of May to September you may enjoy seminars conducted by The Haystack Rock Awareness Program.

A word of caution... High tides entrap individuals on a yearly basis! Ensure you are aware of tidal times and avoid what may be a rescue by the Coast Guard or local authorities.

• Try Bruce's Candy Kitchen for the kids! Or... maybe the kid in you!

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Cannon Beach Vacation Rentals

If you are looking for possibly one of the best waterfront beach vacation rental in Cannon Beach you may have found it here at A&J's Haystack Retreat!
This beautiful waterfront vacation home boasts spectacular views from its 3 bedrooms! With direct beach access, down a maintained flight of stairs, you'll have plenty of opportunity to explore the miles of sandy beaches and the tidal pools around Haystack Rock. This luxury home is a wonderful retreat for 7 guests in the main home.

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