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Fernando de Noronha beaches are amongst the most beautiful and best beaches in Brazil!
These beaches are a source of national pride and a best kept secret to those outside of Latin America!

Dolphins, ocean tortoises, sharks and other ocean species find protection in this tropical paradise!

Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago of 21 islands and islets in the Atlantic ocean off the north-eastern coast of Brazil. Thanks to the unsullied emerald waters, it is a great location for scuba diving. Avid scuba divers and snorkelers will find an abundance of aquatic life to enjoy.

Because of its status as a World Heritage Site, Fernando de Noronha is protected as an eco-wonderland. In order to maintain the eco-balance of Fernando de Noronha, a small environmental preservation fee is collected from tourists. Its economy is tourist based but its growth is limited by its delicate ecosystem. A limited number of tourists have the opportunity of visiting these small islands on a daily basis (unless you have a longer stay booked). This makes Fernando de Noronha beaches some of the most secluded beaches on the planet!

The above video is a composition of some of the beautiful Fernando de Noronha beaches and activities found on this beautiful tropical sanctuary in Brazil. Since it is a protected area of Brazil, we strongly suggest good planning to make this part of your beach vacation. These are the very reasons, the beaches are as beautiful as when they were discovered hundreds of years ago!

It is noted in the #1 New York Bestseller "1,000 places to see before you die!" as one of the "must see places". Fernando de Noronha beaches are definitely worth putting on your "bucket list".

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Scuba diving in Fernando de Noronha
• Due to the high visibility (up to 40 metres or 130 feet), scuba diving is very popular. Most diving rental facilities are located at Baia dos Sanchos. Tourists are required to be guided by a local agency and most of the dive sites are only reachable by boat (70% of the Noronha is a National Marine Park, being a protected area). Only a few dive shops are permitted to operate on the island.

• Visit Ibama (Brazilian Ministry of the Environment's enforcement agency) expositions with themes such as sharks and dolphins (if available).

• Guided tours of turtles laying their eggs at Praia do Leao (Lion's Beach).These guided tours are available from the Tartaruga Narinha Institute from January to June.

• Dolphins Bay is home to over 1,000 dolphins who return there nightly after a day spent at sea! They curiously approach tour boats that may be in the area. You may also see these spinner dolphins ballet in this bay! Early morning is also a buzz of activity in this area.

• Paddle your way around Fernando de Noronha Island in the afternoon and watch a spectacular sunset at night!

• Having a nickname such as "the Brazilian Hawaii", Noronha is quickly becoming known as the best place in Brazil for surfing! The best surf here is from December to March.

Surfing in Fernando de Noronha
• Find your favorite secluded beach amongst all of Fernado de Noronha beaches! With a small local population and a limited number of visitors allowed daily, this will not be hard to do!

Praia do Sancho
An absolute must see secluded beach is Praia do Sancho! This beach was awarded "Best Brazil Beach".This is what this beach has waiting for you. A vision of the most beautiful tropical beach! You will need to climb down a ladder through a deep cleft in the rock face! Don't forget you will have to come back up which will require even more skill!

Jacques Cousteau, when visiting Fernando de Noronha, apparently spent many afternoons in the shade of the rocks at the west end of this fabulous beach!

• What about a natural aquarium? Atalaia Beach has natural pools between the reefs when at low tide trapping tropical fish within these natural pools. Inform yourself locally for this unique experience as there are restrictions to this very special event!

• At the end of the day, you may visit the open air bars along the beaches.

Best Fernando de Noronha Hotels or Pousada

Reviews 300x250 In keeping with the fact that there are only up to 500 guests allowed to visit this fantastic waterfront destination, only a few hotels are available on Fernando de Noronha. There are also a few Bed & Breakfasts in Fernando de Noronha.

Our research revealed a couple of premier hotels available.

Pousada Teju-Acu

The Pousada Teju-Acu was chosen as one of the best hotels in Brazil by National Geographic for 2011.

Pousada Maravilha

Pousada Maravilha
Although not "waterfront resort", Pousada Maravilha offers beautiful ocean views! Recognized by Conde Nast Traveler as "one of the most divinely situated hotels anywhere", it is the only five-star boutique hotel on Fernando de Noronha. Also recognized by "Food and Wine" for its fine cuisine, the dining area utilizes natural fabrics and materials to reflect the paradise atmosphere of this beautiful island!

In accord with eco-balancing standards, Pousada Maravilha blends almost seamlessly into its environment with accommodations gazing upon the Atlantic Ocean! Tastefully decorated with large wood beams, it offers simple yet elegant furnishings.

This boutique resort offers three apartments, five bungalows and eight rooms overlooking the ocean. The bungalows each offer a private Jacuzzi! There is a small "infinite-horizon" pool and pool deck with gorgeous views down to Baía Sueste which all guests may enjoy.

Supermodel, Naomi Campbell as well as stars of Brazil's very popular nighttime soap operas also enjoy the Pousada Maravilha in Fernando de Noronha. This small resort offers privacy for its guests and the island provides the best beaches of Brazil!

Map of Fernando de Noronha Beaches

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