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New Zealand Cathedral Cove

Looking for best beaches where you can truly relax? Perhaps a luxurious waterfront hotel or the perfect spa resort to pamper you from head to toe? We hope to help you find what you need by doing all the research for you.

Come along with us as we endeavor to find the best beach vacation destinations in Canada, U.S.A., Mexico, Central and South America. 

California Beaches & California Beach Hotels

Synonymous with California are California Beaches and surfing. These beaches are some of the best in all of the USA.  Some of the best beaches  and waterfront hotels are in San Diego as well as Los Angeles.

Mexico Beaches & Mexico Waterfront Hotels

Mexico's beautiful white sandy beaches are some of the best waterfront destinations in North America. Their waterfront resorts are luxurious and are a favorite for romantic couples. Some of the most popular beach destinations are Cozumel, Riviera Maya and Cabo san Lucas.

Canada Beaches & Waterfront Hotels

Canada's waterfront destinations are treasured during the summer months. More rugged than it U.S.A. and Mexico counterparts, they are perfect for nature lovers and adventurers. The all time favorite waterfront destination in Canada is Vancouver