Nags Head Vacation
For The Whole Family!

If a Nags Head vacation in the Outer Banks is something you have been planning you will be in good company. Nags Head is a favorite for many who are seeking relaxing, family beach vacations along the North Carolina coast. Away from the hustle and bustle of large resort towns you will be able to enjoy a slower pace of life and spend some quality time with family and friends!

As in the rest of the Outer Banks of North Carolina you will find the sand conditions in Nags Head to be consistent with the rest along the Outer Banks. Perfect for children to build sand castles, hot under the feet on hot summer days and overall just wonderful on a summer vacation! 

There is so much sand in this area as a matter of fact that due to migrating sand in the area you will find one of the major landmarks is a castle or mansion buried in sand!  The Old Nags Head Hotel is also buried in sand.

• Things To Do And Attractions In Nags Head •

Speaking of sand... you will find the largest sand dune on the East Coast in Nags Head. Jockey's Ridge State Park is a great place to visit. You will find a beach on the Roanoke Sound side where you will be able to swim. On the soundside you may also enjoy some Kayaking and windsurfing. Jockey's Ridge State Park also has a great program calendar that will help you in planning family numerous activities with the children. You can enjoy flying kites and even learn how to dune hang glide with the help of the instructors at Kitty Hawk Kites within the park. Individuals with disabilities or would rather not walk in the sand will also be able to enjoy the park on its 384 foot boardwalk. There are no campsite facilities within Jockey's Ridge State Park.

The folks at KittyHawkKites can coordinate great activities for you such as kayaking, kiteboarding, windsurfing, parasailing. Due to the fairly steady and consistent winds you will find most of the Outer Banks to be fantastic for wind oriented sports. That being said, don't forget the simple pleasure of regular kite flying with children! You will also be able to enjoy dolphin tours and so much more. There are three piers from which you can fish. There is a miniature golf course and the Nags Head Golf Links where you will enjoy good views and a leisurely walk mixed with some frustration! You will also be able to have some fast paced fun at Nags Head Raceway on some speedy little Go Karts! These are just some of the great things to do while on your Nags Head vacation or the Outer Banks!

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You may also enjoy going over to Cape Hatteras and visit the tallest lighthouse in the U.S.A., the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse or "The Big Barber Pole"!

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• Nags Head Vacation Rental •


Nags Head waterfront or beachfront vacation rentals will allow you truly relax with friends and family. No long hallways and corridors leading to your tiny little room. You will enjoy all the benefits of being at home without any of the responsibilities. Enjoy a BBQ, a fresh cup of coffee in the morning as you enjoy a peaceful sunrise. At best waterfront destinations we are affiliated with the very best vacation rental companies that you can trust. You will find the beachfront or waterfront vacation home you are looking for to make your Nags Head vacation a dream come true. Choose your next beachfront vacation rental from VRBO

• Nags Head Waterfront Hotels and Bed and Breakfast •

If you are looking for a beachfront or waterfront hotel in Nags Head you may enjoy either the

Oasis Suites of the Surfside Hotel. These waterfront hotels provide modestly priced rooms and kitchenettes are available. Here are more hotels available for your Nags Head Beach vacation.

• Beachfront Bed and Breakfast •

As for waterfront bed and breakfast there are a few and right on the beach. Of course these again are modest accommodations offering good value and great locations.

Highly rated is the Nags Head Beach Inn with its sun and wind weathered shingle siding giving it the real North Carolina beach charm.

You may also enjoy the RelaxInn B&B which is oceanside, seventy five yards from the ocean on the beach road.

Here are more bed and breakfasts in Nags Head for your beach vacation!

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• Nags Head Vacation NC Photo Credits •
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