Mae Nam Beach Vacation!
On Ko Samui Island

Located on Samui's north shore, Mae Nam or Maenam beach is shaded by lush palm trees! The peaceful calm bay has water deep enough for swimming and considered a safe beach for good swimmers and well supervised children (caution is always key to safe swimming). The waters remain calm for most of the year making it one of Thailand's best beach vacation destinations.

Spectacular sunsets can be enjoyed to the east side of Mae Nam beach. Miles of yellow sand beach can be enjoyed as you stroll for miles on this palm tree lined beach! A leisurely stroll can take up to 3 hours without a camera and if you love taking pictures you will fill the day with your creative eye! There are also great views of some of the neighboring islands that add to the beauty of this lovely beach. There are no busy roads along the beach thus adding to the peace and serenity you will no doubt enjoy!

A quiet part of the island for years, Mae Nam Beach is still for the person seeking a quiet beach vacation.  Parties till the early hours of the morning are the exception rather than the rule. Maenam  or Mae Nam Beach is becoming a tourist attraction with larger, luxury hotels and resorts with spas for the tourist seeking to be pampered. This being said there are still some very affordable accommodations for the budget minded traveler. Maenam or Mea Nam beach is possibly one of the most affordable on Koh Samui  or Ko Samui Island if you are looking for a great beach vacation offering good value for the budget minded traveler. 

As for restaurants, in comparison to the more popular beach vacation destinations, they offer great value. International or classic Thai cuisine will satisfy your palate!

A smaller commercial hub by the name of Ban Mae Nam, is just east of the Santiburi Resort and offers good little restaurants and shops.

• Maenam Weather or Climate •

Koh Samui Island's weather or climate is relatively dry for the vast majority of the year offering some of the best weather in this beautiful lush tropical country! Mae Nam Beach has only 3 months of rainy tropical weather in comparison to 6 months with the rest of South Thailand! The very best weather is from February to April. Tropical weather rainfalls generally do not last longer than 60 minutes! Average temperature in these months is 24.1 to 32.6 Celsius or 75 to 91 Fahrenheit.

Compare your local weather to Koh Samui to see if Koh Samui and Mae Nam Beach weather to plan your perfect beach vacation!

Koh Samui, Samui or Ko Samui Climate Weather Forecast.

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Note: Maenam, Maenam Beach, are other common spellings for this beautiful beach on the island of the Ko Samui, Koh Samui or Samui of Thailand.


• Photo Credits •
Top photo: Karen Hermkens
Walking on beach: Karen Hermkens
Rainbow:jonkvrouw at Flickr