The Best Cabo San Lucas Beaches

Cabo San Lucas Beaches

Edited January 2023

These are the best Cabo San Lucas beaches. Lovers Beach is a favorite beach in Cabo San Lucas. The famous Arch located right beside it is a beautiful landmark when coming into Cabo via cruise ship. Visit each of the following beautiful Cabo San Lucas beaches to make Mexico beach vacation the best it can be.

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For almost 350 days of the year you will see no rain! If you love fishing then you will know Cabo San Lucas for its world renowned sport fishing (namely the largest Marlin fishing tournament in the world)! You may enjoy some of the best Scuba diving on the West Coast of North America in the Sea of Cortez which features beautiful marine life. The famous Arch or El Arco de Cabo San Lucas and Lover's Beach by its side! Oh yes... and let us not forget some of the best Golf Courses you will find anywhere! You will also find plenty of other great things to do , tasty eats in their restaurants.

You will certainly want to take a few minutes to watch this video of Cabo San Lucas and get a real taste of this beautiful waterfront destination to start planning your beach vacation!

Cabo San Lucas beaches appeal to a wide variety of people. You may choose from the romantic beaches like Lover's Beach or Divorce Beach Lover's Beach or Divorce Beach , the secluded beaches which include Solmar Beach or Pedregal Beach Solmar Beach or Pedregal Beach, or you may love the action packed, water activities beach of Medano Beach Medano Beach.

There are also other Cabo San Lucas beaches you may enjoy if you look at our map (below) and choose to venture outside of the main core of Cabo. Keep in mind however that, as lovely as some of these beaches may be, there may be a lack of facilities so you will need to bring more than just your bathing suit!

Along with some of Mexico's best beaches, Cabo San Lucas is also known for its beautiful waterfront or beachfront resorts and hotels.

Lover's Beach or Playa del Amor (Link to more details)

Lover's Beach or Playa del Amor is possibly the most beautiful all beaches in Cabo San Lucas for romantic couples. You will enjoy the soft sand, the towering arches and the opportunity to just relax at Lover's Beach and its neighbor Divorce Beach on the Pacific Ocean side.

Divorce Beach or Playa del Divorcio (Link to more details)

Divorce Beach or Playa del Divorcio is located beside Lover's Beach but on the Pacific Ocean side. Just as beautiful as Lover's beach but much larger. Divorce Beach or Playa del Divorcio is focused on couples without children. Pack a picnic and bring your sunscreen! There are no restaurants or other facilities at this beach. The Arch or Arco de Cabo San Lucas is a sight to behold.

Medano Beach or Playa el Medano (Link to more details)

Medano Beach or Playa el Medano is the main and funnest beach in Cabo San Lucas! Medano Beach is almost 2 miles of beautiful sandy beach are awaiting you. If you want all the water toys, restaurants, and whatever you want to be entertained by, you will most likely find it here! Close to this beach you will be able to also book daytrips, boat charters and much more. The Arch is clearly visible from here and Medano Beach offers spectacular sunsets!

Solmar Beach or Playa Solmar (Link to more details)

Solmar Beach

Solmar Beach or Playa Solmar is on the other side of Divorce Beach heading West on the Pacific side. Playa Solmar as can be seen is one of the beautiful Cabo San Lucas beaches. Being on the Pacific ocean side however it is definitely not recommended (as you can see the size of waves) for swimming! The power of these waves will knock someone flat on their back.
Solmar Beach is great for relaxation and getting away from the crowds.
Beachfront Hotels are located on this Solmar Beach.

Pedregal Beach or Playa Pedregal

Pedregal Beach

Pedregal Beach or Playa Pedregal is a beautiful sandy beach further West of Solmar Beach. The only separation between these two beaches is a large rock formation. This rock formation serves a great purpose in keeping the general public out of this semi private beach. Romantic sunsets and seclusion are what makes Pedregal Beach so great!

Owners, and guests of the luxurious beachfront resort of Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedegral as well as those who rent a vacation home of the exclusive Pedregal Estates community have full access to this beach. A stunning beach for your beach wedding in Cabo San Lucas! Will you be a guest at the 5 star Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal on this beach? Enjoy the hammock amongst the palm trees. Swimming is not recommended at all on this beach. The awe inspiring and thunderous large waves from the Pacific Ocean are hazardous. The swimming pool at the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal will bring you great refreshment as well as the person bringing you your favorite beverage! Olé! 


Our Cabo San Lucas Interactive Beach Map

For your convenience we have assembled the best Cabo San Lucas beaches on this interactive map from Google! Simple and easy to use you will find similar beach maps on some of our introductory beach pages! We hope you find this Cabo San Lucas beach map the best you will find! To view it in full size just click the click the square at the top right hand corner.

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