Solmar Beach or Playa Solmar
Cabo San Lucas

Solmar Beach or Playa Solmar is located just West of Divorce Beach on the Pacific Ocean side of Cabo San Lucas . Nestled among the hills and some beautiful waterfront resorts, you will find this beautiful, long and wide beach with incredible waves. If you love the warmth of soft sand and a beach that is not crowded so that you may enjoy some solitude, this will be a good choice.

Not too far out of Cabo San Lucas, it begins on the other side of the rocks at Land's End and ends at El Pedregal (see our map) . If you love to walk, 15 minutes from Cabo San Lucas will bring you to beautiful, secluded, Playa Solmar. You may enter through some of the beachfront resorts and hotels. Better yet... Why not consider staying at some of these resorts and hotels.

Capella Pedregal is a beautiful beachfront resort in Cabo San Lucas!

TerraSol Beach Resort

Playa Grande Resort & Spa

Hotel Finisterra

Grand Solmar at Land's End & Spa

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The beachfront resorts and hotels provide a great view area and the sunsets from Playa Solmar will mesmerize you. Romance will come naturally as you hear Mexican music serenade you at day's end.

The morning comes and a walk along the beach beckons you to come along the water for the start to another perfect day in Cabo San Lucas!

Solmar Beach is great for whale watching from January to March. You will be in awe of these massive mammals in their natural habitat! Want to get up close? Get a whale watching tour and don't forget your camera and video camera!

Boat access to this beach is extremely limited (if existent at all) due to the size of waves. Water activities are also basically non existent. Due to this you will also find this beach lacking vendors and thus you will be able to enjoy your tanning, reading and relaxing while visiting Solmar Beach!

Swimming at Playa Solmar is definitely not recommended for anyone. The Pacific Ocean must be respected. No lifeguards are on duty on this beach.

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