Best Aruba Beaches 2024!
White Sand Beneath Your Feet!

Best Aruba Beaches romantic coupleEagle Beach, Aruba

Updated December 2023

The best Aruba beaches are some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Eagle Beach as well as Palm Beach in Aruba are consistently recognized as some of the best beaches in the world! 

Located off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is a small Caribbean Island only 32km. (20 miles) long and a maximum of 10km (6 miles) at its widest point! It is a total of 18,000 Hectares or 70 square miles!

Please watch the video! It will give you much more information than we can write about and why you should consider this "best waterfront destination".

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Aruba Weather is Beautiful!

Temperatures range from a low of 24 C (75 F) in January to 34 C (92 F) in August! Very stable indeed!

Aruba's low precipitation rate practically guarantees some of the best weather you could ask for! Its location just south of the hurricane belt makes it rare to be effected by a hurricane.

Planning a destination wedding and worried about the weather?
You may want to consider Aruba! 

Aruba weather is as perfect as one can possibly imagine! Why not learn more about the weather and more by watching the video! 

A stable government, friendly, tourist focused economy and of course the beautiful beaches of Aruba will keep you going back!

A friendly island where their travel slogan is "One Happy Island"! Aruba offers very popular all inclusive vacations! The friendly staff at these Waterfront Hotels with Spa are waiting to make your Aruba beach vacation one that you will not forget!

Best Aruba Beaches

Aruba beaches are the main attraction of this beautiful Caribbean Island! Warmed by the tropical sun yet cooled by its trade winds, Aruba beaches soothe and refresh the soul! All beaches are public and have a variety of landscapes.
The west coast is where the calmer, sandy beaches are.

Your hosts at Aruba's luxury waterfront hotels with spa will be happy to cater to tourists seeking to feel their feet sink into the fine white, manicured beaches!

Palm Beach Link to our page for more information 

Palm Beach, ArubaPalm Beach Aruba!

Palm Beach is the most popular vacation beach in Aruba! 

Aruba hotels and resorts offer all-inclusive vacations and great activities so your family will be certain to have a fun filled as well as relaxing beach vacation in Aruba!

Save up to $500 when you book your flight +hotel!

Eagle Beach Link to our page for more information 

Just south of Palm Beach and separated by a natural rocky limestone division, lies the white sands of  Eagle Beach Aruba! 
This beach is popular for windsurfing, snorkeling and other water sports.

Manchebo Beach and Druif Beach Link to our page.

Manchebo Beach along with Druif Beach, together, make up the largest and widest of all Aruba beaches offering excellent swimming conditions due to calm water.

Palm trees line this beach giving you the shade you may desire as you read your favourite book.

Click here to learn more about Druif and Manchebo Beach in Aruba!

Baby Beach Link to our page for more information

White sand and shallow in depth, this is why they call it Baby Beach!

Breakwaters calm the East side waves providing a safe area for children and good snorkeling for beginners!

Note: As of 2024 there will be a new Secrets Resort on Baby Beach. Therefore there is currently construction on and around this beach.

Learn more about Baby Beach here!

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Malmok Beach

Aruba Beaches Malmok BeachSpectacular windsurfing at Malmok Beach

Malmok Beach in Aruba is considered one of the best beaches in the Caribbean for windsurfing and kitesurfing.  They host the world famous Aruba Hi-Winds competition here. 

Arashi Beach

Aruba Beaches Arashi Beach

Great beach at the north western tip of Aruba. You will enjoy conveniences of restaurant and bar, restroom, beach chair rental, water sports and good for snorkelling as well.

Eastern Shores and Beaches of Aruba

Aruba Beaches Dos PlayaSecluded Aruba Beaches "Dos Playa"
Aruba Beaches Horseback RidingHorseback riding in Aruba!

The Aruba beaches on the Eastern coast are definitely more rugged.
This windy part of the Aruba is chiseled from the fierce waves that batter its shores. The smaller beaches which may be found along this coast give solitude, tranquility. Its coves nestled amongst the inlets will give you spectacular arid landscapes. Since this paradise island is small it will be worth it to rent a car and come and visit the wilder side of Aruba! Horseback riding in this area is very popular.

Please note!! With the exception of Baby Beach, swimming is not recommended on this side of the island. Strong undertows and waves will endanger the most experienced swimmer!