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By Al Hermkens @ B.W.D.: October 25, 2019

Here are some of the best waterfront vacation destinations in Mexico and their very best hotels! The best beach or waterfront hotels in Mexico are luxurious and offer some of the very best beaches in Latin America. Many of these beach hotels offer luxurious spa treatments to complete your ultimate beach vacation experience. Choose from family friendly or the more romantic adults only resorts. 

Of course, an individual's interest and passions will determine the location of their perfect Mexico beach hotel and  vacation. An individual seeking a calm and very relaxing vacation may choose Tulum for their smaller boutique hotels as well as historical Mayan culture. Others seeking a much more active person seeking to be fully entertained by a multitude of activities may choose Cancun or Cabo San Lucas.

Best Mexico Beach Hotels
East Coast & Riviera Maya

Best Cancun Beach Hotels (Best Beach Hotels Reviews Link)

Cancun is the most popular Mexico beach vacation destination. The beach hotels in Cancun are some of the largest and most luxurious in all of Mexico. Cancun offers the most in variety when it comes to restaurants, entertainment, water sports and live entertainment. It is most likely the most popular destination for college spring break. If you are looking to have an exciting beach vacation with plenty to do this will be the place in Mexico to go to.

Playa del Carmen Hotels (Best Beach Hotels Reviews Link)

Playa del Carmen is part of the Riviera Maya and is the most popular tourist destination in this tourist destination area. Playa del Carmen offers an excellent balance of boutique to full size luxurious family oriented beach hotels. Its location is also excellent as it is between Tulum and Cancun. A 50 minute drive to either Cancun or the history filled Mayan city of Tulum. Also, you can take one of the new ferries to the beautiful island of Cozumel which offers excellent snorkelling. Puerto Aventuras (10 Km. South) is most likely the best place to charter a boat for a great fishing adventure.

Best Cozumel Beach Hotels (Best Beach Hotels Reviews Link)

The Cozumel beach hotels are from boutique to luxurious. Since this is a smaller island, hotel accommodations may be limited. The beaches of Cozumel are a main attraction but, if snorkelling or scuba diving is what you are looking for, Cozumel is definitely one of the very destinations best in Mexico. The Palancar reef as well as "the walls" are some of the very best diving sites in the world. Getting around Cozumel is easy and safe. A great Mexico waterfront destination for relaxation and the premier destination for learning to snorkel and scuba dive.

Best Akumal Beach Hotels (Best Beach Hotels Reviews Link)

Akumal is known as the "Land of Turtles". It is one of Mexico's premier sites to observe these beautiful creatures. Located between Playa del Carmen and Tulum it offers a spectacular bay as well as underground rivers. This is most likely the quietest tourist destination on the Riviera Maya so if you are looking to relax, this will be an excellent choice. A rental car is suggested if you plan to go to the busier towns for a night out. The Akumal beach hotels are excellent and provide excellent amenities. 

Isla Mujeres Beach Hotels (Best Beach Hotels Reviews Link) 

The small island of Isla Mujeres (Island of Women) is ideal for those who want to destress and relax. The Isla beach hotels are very friendly and tourist focused. You will not find the same level of absolute luxury as you would in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Cabo san Lucas but you will definitely enjoy the pace of life on this little island.  You will not find many cars on this Mexico waterfront destination! Getting around is mostly done on scooter or golf carts. You will still get to have some great fun though if you enjoy snorkelling or scuba diving. The Scuba Dive Musa is very popular. Fishing for sailfish is a very exciting sport on this island and if you love fishing, you will love the excitement that comes from catching one. 

Puerto Morelos Beach Hotels (Best Hotels Reviews Link)

Puerto Morelos is located between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. A 30 minute drive will take you to either one of these best waterfront destinations on the east coast of Mexico. It is home to a beautiful assortment of 5 star family friendly or adult only beach hotels. These luxurious waterfront hotels offer every amenity one would expect from hotels in the major tourist destinations without the crowds. Originally a lovely little fishing village it is home to Great Mesoamerican Reef. This reef is second largest barrier reef in the world for scuba divers to enjoy. This town offers a great location, hotels and more!

Best Tulum Beach Hotels (Best Beach Hotels Reviews Link)

Tulum has gorgeous boutique beach hotels. It does not have the super large resorts that can afford to have large entertainment areas for children or nightly entertainment. These small boutique hotels vary from super ecologically friendly to yoga retreats. This is where relaxation is the focus, romantic getaways as well as rich Mayan culture is preserved. The Sian Ka'an is a Unesco world heritage site is also a very popular tourist destination. Of course, the beaches of Tulum are also extremely popular for their beautiful sand. Tulum is great for romantic couples wanting to spend time together.

Best Mexico Beach Hotels
West Coast & Mexican Riviera

Cabo San Lucas Beach Hotels (Best Hotels Reviews Link)

Cabo San Lucas is the most popular Mexico beach destination on the west coast of Mexico. You will find premium beach hotels that are luxurious, romantic, fun and much more. Cabo San Lucas offers some of the best spa hotels in Mexico with a variety of treatments. Marlin fishing is a great attraction as well as snorkelling in the Sea of Cortez. There is no shortage of premium restaurants and entertainment. Cabo San Lucas is one of Mexico's premier cruise ship destinations. 

San Jose del Cabo Beach Hotels (Best Hotels Reviews Link)

San Jose del Cabo is a little bit slower paced than its neighbour Cabo San Lucas just 30 minutes away but it also has very premium luxury beach resorts. Luxury hotels are found between both of these very popular waterfront destinations. Playa Palmilla is the main beach there are are a few other attractions but most of the action is in Cabo San Lucas. San Jose del Cabo is a great waterfront destination for couples seeking a good combination of a quieter getaway with the option of busier days in Cabo san Lucas.

Puerto Vallarta Beach Hotels (Best Hotels Reviews Link)

Puerto Vallarta beach hotels offer a great location along the Mexican Riviera. Some of these hotels offer exceptional value when compared to some other Mexico waterfront destinations.  Puerto Vallarta is rich with history and the sunsets in Puerto Vallarta are some of the very best you will ever experience.  The romantic Malecon is one of the must see tourist attractions. The older part of Puerto Vallarta offers great architecture, shopping, restaurants and art galleries. With over 25 miles or 40 Km. of beaches, Puerto Vallarta has long been one of Mexico's best waterfront destinations! These PV beach hotels are sure to please.

Best Mazatlan Beach Hotels (Best Beach Hotels Reviews Link)

Mazatlan beach hotels offer some of the best values on the west coast of Mexico. But their quality cannot be denied. You will find many very fine 5 star resorts with beautiful spas. Finding the one that will suit your taste should be easy.  Mazatlan is indeed smaller than Los Cabos or Puerto Vallarta but there is still plenty to do and if relaxing is what you have in mind, you can do that just as easily. There are plenty of excellent beaches to choose from as well as water sports. Mazatlan is indeed a very good choice for a beach vacation.

Best Manzanillo Beach Hotels (Best Hotels Reviews Link)

Known as the "Sailfish Capital of the World", Manzanillo is a major waterfront destination for avid fishermen looking to strike a powerful catch. A lush emerald rainforest makes this a very balanced waterfront destination. The filming of the movie "10" also put this waterfront destination on the map. The Las Hadas Hotel is a very popular beach hotel in Manzanillo. The beach hotels of Manzanillo also offer great value for quality received on the west coast. Santiago Bay offers good swimming as well as some snorkeling as well as scuba diving. The sunsets in Manzanillo offer the "green flash" phenomenon. Manzanillo is becoming a very popular cruise ship destination giving indication of its growing popularity.