Holden Beach Vacation
One of America's Best
Family Beach Vacation Spots!

Your Holden Beach vacation in the county of Brunswick, North Carolina is perfect for your family beach vacation. Here you will find up to 9 miles or 14Kms of beautiful sandy beach for everyone to enjoy! It is a perfect beach for families but also to take time away from the kids and enjoy each each other and keep the romance alive.

Rated as one of the top ten "family beach" vacation destinations in America because of its small community feel. The beautiful beach truly gives families the opportunity to get away from it all and just enjoy the Atlantic Ocean and family activities.

The sand quality at Holden Beach is very good and great for walking barefoot. However, it never hurts to have some beach footwear. You may always choose to carry them as you stroll on this romantic beach with beautiful sunsets.

Holden Beach Vacation
Attractions and Things To Do

• Relax • Holden Beach is a relaxing community. Visitors from all over come here to relax and enjoy the beach and its sand. Relaxation in the sun, reading a good book is what people love to do here while on vacation. Everything revolves around the long beach. You will experience peace and tranquility along the sandy beach.

• Golf • Golfing is readily available around this area. You will enjoy a good game of golf while on your Holden Beach vacation. Why not take the day and enjoy many golf courses which are in close proximity.
You may also enjoy these mini golf courses with the kids. Here is a list of mini golf courses.

• Turtles • Learn about the Loggerhead turtles from the Holden Beach Turtle Patrol from their educational program in July and August. Prepare for this from their site here their site here.
Stay up late at night and watch the Loggerhead turtles emerge from the ocean to lay their eggs. However... do not disturb, they are a protected species.

• Surf • Although wave quality at Holden Beach may be inconsistent, you may surf here. If you are faced with flat waves however you may enjoy a little bit of skimboarding or bodysurfing. Here are the wave conditions for surfing. The best time to surf here (according to experts) is summer and early fall. Here is more more surfing information from SwellInfo and Surfline.

• Water Sports • Why not try some windsurfing or kiteboarding if the wind conditions are right.

• Festivals • During the month of October Holden Beach is home to the annual Festival by the Sea where you will find local artists and vendors on the beach. You will also find great food being served. A fun time for everyone!

• Fishing • Fishing is always popular and fishing by the pier can be excellent. As a matter of fact you will find some of the best pier fishing in the world right here in North Carolina and in Holden Beach. You may enjoy a small snack there and they offer some live bait as well. Even if you don't catch anything… just holding a rod with your children is always a good time not soon forgotten! If you wish to get into some serious fishing however we suggest you hire a fishing charter.

• Simple Pleasures • Of course there are the simplest of things to do on the beach as well that build great memories. Building sandcastles together. Flying kites is always popular. Romantic strolls or family strolls, watching sunsets, searching for seashells. The simple things that your family can enjoy together while on a Holden Beach vacation will bring you some of the greatest memories and keep you coming back.

• Imagine and Plan Ahead • Try to get away from video games and bring along some board games. Try to leave all the electronics at home and get unplugged! Fill your days with great day trips that may interest you and your family around the area. Imagine all the things you can enjoy on your fun filled vacation here in beautiful North Carolina!

Best Weather And Time To Visit Holden Beach

Best time
With summer vacations from school you will of course find the beaches filled with tourists as Holden Beach reaches peak tourist season. The population swells from approximately 1500 to over 14,000. This can be great if you love to meet people from all over the United States and the world and are looking for some social activities. Children love to make new friends and they love to spend summer vacations with their best friends exploring new places.

If you are looking for solitude and getting away from the peak season we suggest you have a look at this weather and climate chart and plan your trip anytime other than spring break or summer vacation time. You will be able to rest listening to the ocean, feel the ocean breeze and so much more on your North Carolina beach vacation.

Best Weather

It is best to be fully informed about the weather when taking a vacation. You may find a very good deal during certain times of the year in certain locations but if the weather is bad it will be very disappointing.

We suggest research on sites like Weather Network (metric) or The Climate Zone (Fahrenheit)

August to November offer the least rainfall in the North Carolina area. That being said however it is hurricane season during these months. The Atlantic hurricane season in the North Carolina region and Holden Beach runs from June 1 through Nov. 30. Here is the history of hurricanes in North Carolina. Keep in mind that the chances of a hurricane are slim and there is plenty of warning to move from its path.

If you love warm North Carolina beaches, you will find the hottest months to be July and August.

Where To Stay On Your Holden Beach Vacation

Now that you have determined that a Holden Beach vacation will be perfect for your family while visiting North Carolina, where will you stay? There are no large hotel chains but you will find lovely beachfront Holden Beach vacation homes and vacation rentals! Beach vacation homes and rentals vary in budget. Of course, watching a beautiful sunrise and having that first cup of coffee in the morning from the deck of a beachfront vacation rental is ideal! You may save money by going inland a bit. Sharing the cost with friends or other family members it can be much more economical than hotels + restaurants.

VRBO is one of the leading vacation rental companies to help you find the perfect beach vacation rental.  Click the banner below to start planning your Holden Beach vacation!


Bed and Breakfast For Your Holden Beach Vacation

You may also choose the option of a Bed&Breakfast in and around this area. Having the option of not having to worry about making breakfast or finding a restaurant while on your North Carolina beach vacation is always a treat. It gives you the opportunity to meet new people as well. Generally speaking it is probably a good idea to keep the bed and breakfast option for couples only though. If you choose to go with the bed and breakfast option (and you are a couple looking for a romantic getaway) we suggest you check to see if it is adults only.

• Interactive Map of Holden Beach •

Here is our interactive map of Holden Beach and North Carolina. Simply enlarge by clicking the square at the top right corner.

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