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Baby Beach, ArubaBaby Beach, Aruba

January 14, 2020

Baby Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Aruba for swimming. Located just under a mile from the Colorado Point Lighthouse, Baby Beach has powdery white sand and is an ideal part of your Aruba beach vacation! Secrets Resorts plans to open an adults only resort on Baby beach due to open in 2021!

Beaches Warm Up

The inviting turquoise coloured water at Baby Beach will draw you in for a refreshing swim. The depth is limited to about five feet and then it is surrounded by rock breakwaters to calm the swimming area making safe swimming for supervised children. Children will love chasing fish in this safe environment. You may also want to bring some fish food. This will encourage the fish to come closer and make both your kids and the fish happy.

This breakwater at Baby Beach was built years ago by the oil refinery close by for their employees and families to enjoy. A few people really dislike the oil refinery located quite a ways away as it tends to ruin the otherwise beautiful views and atmosphere that the exquisite sand this beach brings. That being said it has not stopped this beach from becoming an island favourite and tourist hot spot. Since it does not have the water toys of the West side of Aruba, it still remains one of the quieter beaches in Aruba! Water at Baby Beach is crystal clear. A few beach huts and trees provide a bit of shade from the Caribbean sun but don’t forget the sunscreen! You may rent sun chairs from the concession stands.

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• Activities And Things To Do At Baby Beach •

Snorkeling at Baby Beach, ArubaSnorkelling at Baby Beach, Aruba

• Snorkeling at Baby Beach is excellent for beginners and marine life includes lots of small fish, eels, angel fish, blowfish, parrot fish, squid (they may change color if you get close) and some barracuda! Be careful not to get tempted to go where the bay opens out to the sea however as there are strong currents in this area. Some say to bring some bread to feed the fish! Do you have an underwater camera?

You may rent snorkeling equipment nearby or possibly at Baby Beach Snack (remember this name) which we hear is fairly reasonable and also has a pretty decent cheeseburger!

• Rent a car or 4 wheel drive in a Jeep to this beach! You may choose to go on your own or take an Aruba Off-Road Adventure! Either way you will have the thrill of driving a Jeep, visit some of Aruba's hidden treasures and do some snorkeling or just relax!

Rugged South East Coast of ArubaSouth East Coast of Aruba

Considered a "must see beach" in Aruba and since it is on the opposite, more barren side (southeast) of Aruba you may want to rent a car or preferably a four wheel drive vehicle to get there. The reason why we say a four wheel drive is you may also want to visit some of the remote parts of the island while you go there!

It is a good idea to make Baby Beach a day trip. Pack all that you will need to sustain yourself since there is only a small concession stand. Unless you plan to rent an umbrella and chairs you’ll want to bring your own.

There are now public facilities nearby but bring a few quarters to use them.

 What To Watch For At Baby Beach •

As mentioned this beach is a very safe beach since it is shallow and sheltered by its man made protective reef. Swimming beyond the reef is extremely dangerous due to riptides and undercurrents.
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• Photo Credits •
- Aerial shot by AlexisKelly at Panoramio
- Snorkeling at Baby Beach, Aruba, kuban111 at Flickr
- North East Aruba Coastline by Chris&Steve at Flickr
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