Cape Hatteras Beach Vacation
Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Cape Hatteras beaches are rated as some of the best family beaches the United States. As a matter of fact some like to vote the beaches on the island of Hatteras as within the top 10 in the United States!

On one side of Hatteras Island you will find approximately 51 miles or 83Kms of refreshing, relaxing sandy beach and sand dunes perfect for your North Carolina family beach vacation. You will not be lacking elbow room along this beach. A person could break the beach areas down in smaller areas but you will find that the beaches, quality of sand, water are similar throughout  Hatteras Island. You will enjoy the warm sand below your feet and you will find a splash of water on hot summer days very refreshing! The main differences will be in the quaint little tourist towns dotting this long but very narrow island of Hatteras. 

If you love to get away from large chain stores, large hotels, franchise restaurants and get down to the mom and pop run operations you will love the smaller towns along this island. There are crafts of all types and these smaller stores look forward to the busy tourist season.

• Things To Do And Attractions •

One of the best things to do on Hatteras Island of course is enjoying the beach! This is after all a beach vacation! Bring some of the books you have been wanting to read and a comfortable beach chair.

• Swimming is always popular but care needs to be taken. Here are some excellent tips for swimming in the ocean.

• Flying kites is great along the coast due to some nice breezy days.

• Windsurfing is another great thing to do. The Salvo and Haulover day use areas are popular for windsurfers. A fairly constant wind makes this part of North Carolina great!

• Kayaking and canoeing are always popular along either side of Hatteras Island.

• Shelling is ever popular with children and saving them and marking them always gives great memories. Why not start a shell collection? Please remember never to take shells with the animals in them. First of all it is good to be environmentally friendly but also... they smell when they start to die. Not good to have them on a long trip back home in the trunk of the car!

• Birding is also a great thing to do while on this island.

• Fishing is great in some areas but ensure you get your license. You may choose to fish from the pier, offshore fishing or the inlets. You will find the best fishing in spring or fall.

• Visiting and camping at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. This is a beautiful seashore park with many scheduled activities.

• Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is one of North Carolina's great attractions and should not be missed while visiting Cape Hatteras Island.

• Surfing can be fun as well.

Here are more suggestions on things to do and attractions from our friends at TripAdvisor

Whatever it is you choose to do you will enjoy being on one of the best Outer Banks beaches!

• Cape Hatteras Weather and Climate •

It is best to be fully informed about the weather when taking a vacation. You may find a very good deal during certain times of the year in certain locations but if the weather is bad it will be very disappointing.

We suggest research on sites like Weather Network (metric) or The Climate Zone (Fahrenheit)

Best time to visit Cape Hatteras beaches for your beach vacation in North Carolina would be May to October. Average temperatures will range from lows in around 67 to highs of around 85 in July and August. June and July will give you the most sunny days. Hurricanes may be a possibility but you will get good warning should this be evident. Hurricane season along Cape Hatteras is from mid-August through September. All in all... mid May to early August will most likely be the best time to visit this fabulous waterfront destination for your family beach vacation along this part of the North Carolina coast.

• Accommodations •

Cape Hatteras Vacation Rentals

Cape Hatteras vacation rentals on the waterfront or beachfront are readily available for your NC beach vacation. Sharing the cost luxury rentals with family or friends can make this an economical vacation along the seashore in North Carolina. Wake up and sit on the deck of your vacation rental. Breathe in the fresh salt air and enjoy a great cup of coffee or tea. It's going to be a wonderful day!

Vacation rental homes available of course depends on the tourist season. It is best to avoid disappointment by booking early through reputable sites. Due to the ever changing availability of waterfront or beachfront vacation rentals available we have chosen to enlist with the best providers. The VRBO link below will take you directly to these ranked from most luxurious to most economical.


Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts

You will find modest hotels and motels on Hatteras Island and a few bed and breakfasts. Vacation rentals are the preferred accommodation here.

The waterfront Inn on Pamlico Sound is highly rated for location and great food.

Here are more hotels and bed and breakfasts from our friends at TripAdvisor.


Camping at Cape Hatteras National Seashore is an economical way to enjoy the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The campground in Cape Hatteras National Seashore are Oregon Inlet, Frisco, Cape Point and Ocracoke Campground. Here is information on reservations and fees for camping at these locations. If you are planning on tenting it is recommended that you try to get a sheltered camp spot due to prevailing winds.

• Cape Hatteras Interactive Map •

Our fully interactive map of Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks of North Carolina will help you plan the perfect beach vacation.

Larger view of this map is available by simply clicking on the square at top right of map.


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