Maldives Beach Vacation
Most Romantic Vacation In The World!

Maldives Beach Vacation

Your Maldives beach vacation will be filled with stunning beaches, small island resorts will most likely be the most romantic vacation you will ever have! According to the July 2010 issue of Conde Naste Traveler magazine it has the world’s best islands and thus could be your best island holiday ever!

The tropical islets, (many of which are uninhabited) are rich in palm trees, soft sand and surrounded by coral reefs filled with colorful fish and live coral!

The Maldive Islands make up the smallest country in Asia located in the Indian Ocean 430 kms. or 265 miles southwest of India. It is made up of 1192 small islets. Of these, only 200 are inhabited and another 80 have beautiful private resorts! These beautiful islets are divided into 26 atolls meaning (a ring-shaped reef, island, or chain of islands formed of coral).

A vast array of beaches, premium waterfront resorts located on 80 of these beautiful tropical islands will undoubtedly delight you!

We have two maps of The Maldives. Click on the map to view a larger version showing the 26 regions or atolls of the Maldives islands or click on this link to view a larger map with resort names and locations.

• Maldives Weather or Climate •

The Maldives offer a tropical climate. You will enjoy even temperatures around 30°C or 86°F throughout most of the year. Being near the equator, severe storms, cyclones are extremely rare events. The monsoon season is also not as severe as some of the other neighboring countries. The wet monsoon season is from April to October and peaks from late May to early September.  Although the humidity at times may be relatively high, a gentle, constant sea breeze help to keep the air moving. The palm trees are always refreshing and the resorts can keep you cool and refreshed with your favorite refreshment! 

If you are looking for the best weather to plan your Maldives island beach vacation, the best months are from late December to the end of April. Enjoy your romantic beach vacation by booking it during the best possible weather conditions. It could be one of the most memorable vacations you may ever have!

Looking for more details on temperatures and precipitation rate for this beautiful Indian Ocean getaway? Click here for more Maldive Islands weather information.

• History, Politics, Culture •

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You may find out more on the history, politics, religion, customs of this tropical paradise courtesy of Wikipedia.
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• Best Hotels and Resorts! •

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