Lovers Beach Cabo San Lucas
For the Romantic in You!

Lovers Beach is quite likely the best and most beautiful of Cabo San Lucas beaches! The rock formation around the beach and the world famous Arch at Land’s End add to the dramatic views of this splendid beach!

 If you have the pleasure of entering Cabo San Lucas by cruise ship, you will love the spectacular view of The Arch. It is "the" landmark in Cabo.
Lovers Beach or Playa del Amante (if you would like to impress someone you love) has clean, white and golden sand.

This beach along with Divorce Beach are more focused to romantic couples rather than families with children. It is a must see for honeymooners and romantic couples. Going to Cabo without visiting Lovers Beach or Playa del Amor is like going to Venice and not going for a romantic ride in a gondola, not visiting the Empire State Building while in New York or going to Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower! If you do not visit Lovers Beach, you miss out on one of the most romantic beaches and things to do while visiting Cabo San Lucas!

Stories of pirates abound around The Arch of Cabo San Lucas. Everyone loves pirate stories! Lovers Beach provided a hiding area for them to ambush unsuspecting merchants. Arghhhh Matey! Looking for a real treasure? Playa del Amante is a real treasure to beach lovers!

There are no restaurants at Playa del Amor. There are a few vendors that may provide some water and snacks but if you are a true romantic you will want to pack a nice lunch, bring some water or other beverage. Some hotels will most likely be able to make these arrangements for you. Remember to pack your sunscreen as well! After all... you are in sunny Mexico on one of the best and most beautiful beaches it has to offer!

Water conditions can be treacherous on the Pacific Ocean side or at Divorce Beach. The waves, undercurrents and riptides can be quite fierce on this side and as tempting as it may be it is best to stay a safe distance away from them. If you want to have a cool dip, stay on Playa del Amor. The water here is much calmer and clearer giving the opportunity for snorkeling. Even on this side however you must be extremely cautious. Always swim, snorkel and scuba dive with a partner. There are no lifeguards on these beaches.

Lovers Beach is also known as Playa del Amante, Love Beach or Playa del Amor

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Couple on beach: Flickr photo, credit to Massonforstock
Picnic basket: Credit to crazyjude
Divorce Beach waves: Credit to Seattle boy
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