Best California Beaches
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Laguna Beach, California

The best California beaches are filled with beauty, great sand and warm sun. You will find great variety for your fun filled beach vacation from    the quieter to the ever entertaining, circus like, Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

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The length of the California coastline is approximately 840 miles long or 1,350 kilometers. This coastline is filled with diversity of steep cliffs, peaceful bays, incredibly long beaches and large waves for surfing. Waterfront cities feature beautiful boardwalks and some of the longest piers you will find anywhere. For the romantic at heart, the best California beaches offer great venues for beach weddings, long romantic walks and superb sunsets to enjoy with the person you love.

To begin and to make things easy for you to navigate we will split up the California Coast in six regions. These regions are simply know as The Northern Coast Region, San Francisco Bay Region, Central Coast Region, The Southern California Region which includes the three regions of Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego! 

• Northern California Beaches •

Along the North California Coast you will find a more rugged coastline with natural beauty and small towns offering lovely bed and breakfasts overlooking the majestic ocean. The mighty Redwoods State Park is not to be missed. The North California Region is perfect for nature lovers seeking peace and serenity. Romantic couples will find beaches without the crowds to stroll peacefully. Known as the California Wine Country, you will find beautiful estates offering some of the best wines in the world. Looking for a peaceful waterfront vacation in California? Try Northern California's Coastline!

• San Francisco Beaches •

San Francisco is renowned as a waterfront destination. A beautiful waterfront city filled with fantastic restaurants, Pier 39, the prison of Alcatraz, world famous Golden Gate Bridge, Napa Valley for wine lovers and so much more! Of course San Francisco beaches are ever so refreshing on hot summer days! This region is great for romantic couples, wine lovers, beach lovers and anyone looking for for a wide variety of entertainment and the best of accommodations! 

• Southern California Beaches •

Bike path along Los Angeles Beaches

Southern California beaches are arguably the most popular of all California beaches. Los Angeles beaches are filled with fun things to do such as visiting the eclectic Venice Beach or the amusement park themed Santa Monica Beach.

Meanwhile San Diego beaches exhibit a little bit quieter feel for a peaceful day at the beach. La Jolla Beaches are always rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in California.

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