Brazil Beaches and Other
Waterfront Destinations!

Arraial do Cabo Beach, Brazil

Brazil beaches cover over 4800 Kms. or 3000 miles of Brazil's coast making it a superb waterfront or beach vacation destination! No need to worry about cold water here! The ocean water temperature can hover around 27 Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit)!

For those who love nature it is a country also known for the great Amazon Jungle! Brazil contains 60% of the total Amazon Jungle!

We invite you to enjoy these pictures via Youtube since a picture is worth a thousand words!

Home of the 2016 Summer Olympics!

Here is a great tourism video for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and of course it will be a great waterfront destination!

If all goes well this could be one of the most beautiful waterfront locations ever for the Olympics!

This video is 2016 Olympics master plan using many waterfront locations!

Must See Brazil Beaches and Watefront Destinations!

• The world famous Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro!

• The Eco-wonderland archipelago of Fernando de Noronha which, in itself, has the best beach in Brazil, Praia do Sancho or Sancho Beach! This waterfront destination is rated one of the "One thousand places you must see before you die"!

• The secluded beaches of Itacare, Brazil .

• The thunderous and awe inspiring Iguazu Falls

• Beaches of Arraial do Cabo