Medano Beach or Playa el Medano

Medano Beach or Playa el Medano is the main beach in Cabo San Lucas. It offers safe swimming, plenty of water activities, restaurants and this is where the party is happening in Cabo San Lucas! 

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You will love the beautiful sand at Playa el Medano or Medano Beach . They keep this beach clean as it is this beach and the warm weather that draws people from all over the globe to Cabo San Lucas. The view of The Arch or El Arco is always a sight to behold from here. The sun setting over the Arch is mood setting for romantic couples walking or sitting along the beach. You will love the colors of the sunset from this beach! If you love to “people watch” there is no lack of people to watch as they enjoy the beach and all the activities it offers.

Looking for a great spring break beach? Medano Beach knows that the college crowd need to unwind and it is becoming a spring break destination for many all over the U.S.A..

Most likely the longest beach in Cabo, Playa el Medano is about 2.8Km. or 1.8 Miles long! Areas are roped off to offer safe swimming areas. It is a good family beach. Other areas on and around this beach offer all the best activities and things to do of any of the best beach resorts in Mexico. Rent a PWC, Jet Ski or Waverunner. As well as these personal water crafts, you may also rent Kayaks, sailboats etc.. Parasailing and windsurfing are also available. How about a banana boat ride or whatever else can be towed behind a boat for a wild ride?

The relatively calm waters around Medano Beach make it possible to enjoy all types of water activities! You may also arrange for excursions, snorkeling etc. around Lover’s Beach and The Arch of Cabo San Lucas here. Want to go scuba diving in the Sea of Cortez like Jacques Cousteau? No problem! Sport fishing charters are world renowned in Cabo San Lucas and yacht charters of all sizes are also available close to Playa Medano.

Food and the best restaurants are readily available all along the beach area. Walk along the beach and browse for what tempts you today! Bars are also right along the beach to serve your favorite drink! Beach vendors are abundant selling whatever people are willing to buy.

As you have read, you may come to the idea that privacy, tranquility are not what you will find a lot of at Medano Beach. This is where you come to be entertained, to meet new friends and to find all that you are looking for in an exciting beach vacation in Cabo San Lucas.

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Have a great beach vacation in Cabo San Lucas! We feel confident you will find a beach and a superb waterfront or beach resort that will suit your taste!


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