Chankanaab Park, Lagoon and Beach

Chankanaab Park in Cozumel and its beach is a great place to spend the day. It is plenty of fun for your Cozumel beach and family vacation and one of the best tourist attractions while visiting Cozumel!

The beach is clean and the sand is soft. Palapas provide shade and the beautiful ocean provides the view and relaxation you have been looking forward to.

This natural reserve in Cozumel is probably one of the most popular for scuba diving or snorkeling on this beautiful island!

Full of fish and limestone caves, Chankanaabe Park is sure to be a very memorable part of your Cozumel beach vacation.

In order to create an artificial reef, a ship (The Felipe Xicotencatl) was sunk in this area. This, also, makes the Chankanaab Reef a great place for experienced scuba divers. 

You may also enjoy swimming with the dolphins here. It is one of the main attractions in Cozumel. How can you resist the smiling faces of these playful little guys! There are also a sea lions and manatees to enjoy. 

There is also a botanical garden and lagoon where you will find the region's tropical flowers, trees and shrubs. You will enjoy more than 60 species of palm trees in Chankanaab Park. Here you will also see huge Iguanas as well as colorful birds.

If you are going to spend the day here, we would suggest that you possibly check to see when the cruise ships are arriving and if you can schedule around them you will certainly be able to enjoy Chankanaab Park to the full. Whether you are there to enjoy the park, beach or lagoon or more... it will be a fun day for the whole family on your Cozumel beach vacation!

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Photo Credits
Top Photo: Flickr photo, credit to Ted Trask Jr.
Snorkeling: Flickr photo, Credit to Chankanaab Park
Dolphin Ride: Flickr photo, credit to Dtraveller
Chankanaab Lagoon: Flickr photo Credit to Mysticsoul415
Thank you to all for your contribution of photos!