Volleyball and Fun at Kits Beach!

Kits Beach (as it is called by locals here) or Kitsilano Beach is one of Vancouver's favorite beaches! Great for the younger crowd who love to flex their muscles and have a great game of Volleyball on the beach.

Taking into account its fabulous location offering great views of the city of Vancouver, Stanley Park, mountains and ocean, it is a great waterfront destination!

One of the truly outstanding features of Kits Beach however is not only its beauty but also its salt water pool! Kits pool at Kitsilano Beach is the longest salt water pool in Canada measuring a full 137 meters (150 Yards) or three times the size on an olympic size pool! Admission price was around between $5.00 and $6.00 in 2010 (outstanding value!). Kits Pool is one of the few heated salt water pools in the world. It is also divided in three areas to accommodate everyone's taste. A roped off area for lap-swimmers (and do not get in their way, this is serious business!). A shallow section for families and their children and a deep area for adult swimming and frolicking.

Kits Beach seems to be the "it place" or "happening place" being dominated by the young adult crowd aged between 18-30. Possibly the most popular of all Vancouver beaches for beach sports such as sand volleyball with 7 courts! Tennis courts are also available not to mention room for some ever popular frisbee throwing! Not only that but they have upgraded the great basketball courts! Tennis courts are also close by. Go ahead... work up a good sweat and then head for the water!

A very popular Vancouver or Kitsilano waterfront restaurant is The Kitsilano Boathouse Restaurant on this very beach offers beautiful views. There are also a number of other restaurants on the main street running along the beach that you may enjoy.

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Features of Kits Beach or Kitsilano Beach are:

• On the Seaside Seawall system (Facing Stanley Park). You will be able to walk by the ocean for miles in one of Vancouver's best neighborhoods.

• Concession Stand for quick snacks

The Kitsilano Boathouse Restaurant (formerly the Watermark Restaurant) has great views.

• Sand Volleyball courts (7 of them!) to meet new friends!

• Washrooms and change rooms.

• Tennis Courts to keep you in shape!

• Enjoy the basketball courts.

• Playground

• Dogs are allowed in special off leash area. (Only West of the Maritime Museum on Kits Point from 6 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 10 pm)

• Lifeguarded Victoria Day (late May) to Labour Day (early September)

• Swimming raft

• Kitsilano heated salt water pool. The largest in Canada! Here are the admission fees for Kits Beach pool for 2011. Apparently you can even rent it by the hour for large gatherings!

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