El Matador Beach
Picture Perfect For Your Beach Vacation!

El Matador Beach is a must see beach in Malibu and should not to be missed by any sand lover! It is a smaller beach facing south and offers great sun to bask in all day long.
It is rated as one of the best things to do in Malibu!

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There are rock formations or sea stacks which add to the beauty of this hard to find secluded beach. These rock formations add beauty and bring memories of Cabo San Lucas. These deep rooted and unmovable rock pillars make El Matador Beach a photographer’s hot spot for wedding photos, modeling shoots etc..

The tide pools and caves make for interesting excursions. Caution needs to be exercised as these areas can be traps when the high tide starts to roll in. This can be an extreme hazard on any beach. Check your tide schedule. We strongly suggest going at low tide and during the week if you possibly can for the very best experience to this very popular Los Angeles County, Malibu Beach.

Surfing in Malibu!

El Matador Beach is popular also for bodysurfing as well as bodyboarding. On quieter days you will enjoy kiting as well. Sunny days are perfect for just relaxing on this beautiful and scenic beach. Lifeguards are on duty on weekends only. There is plenty to see and do while visiting Malibu. Looking for more?  Enjoy this best waterfront destination!

• Getting Here And What To Watch For •


Getting to El Matador Beach is a bit of a challenge but anything worthwhile is always worth it. This beach is very much worth it. Here are a few tips.

• Located between Leo Carrillo Beach and Point Dume State Beach the address is 33215 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu. Very few signs to inform you so watch for them.

• Pay parking is in effect so be sure to look after that! Porta potties are located at the parking lot. A good set of legs will get you down the slightly difficult path.

• Drinking alcohol at El Matador Beach is extremely well monitored and regularly. If you would like to contribute $200.00 and donate alcohol to your local sheriff by all means bring alcohol!

• Although you may find some nude sunbathing, nude sunbathing is not legal in Los Angeles. If you plan to stay a few hours we suggest bring water and some snacks.

• Along with El Matador Beach, you will find other pocket beaches which are part of the Robert Meyer Memorial State Beach. The other two beaches are El Pescador Beach as well as La Piedra Beach. You will also find these small beaches to be refreshing should El Matador Beach prove to be too crowded. 

• Best Waterfront Hotels near El Matador Beach •

Deck at Malibu Beach InnMalibu Beach Inn

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Located within a few miles from the Robert Meyer Memorial State Beach area are two well rated beachfront hotels which are also close to Malibu. Away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles these beachfront hotels will help you relax on your Malibu beach vacation!

The Malibu Beach Inn is a boutique beachfront hotel located on a lovely little beach known locally as Billionaire's Beach. This Malibu beach hotel offers rooms with balconies to enjoy romantic sunsets. You will definitely enjoy dining on the deck of the beachfront restaurant. They also offer an on-site spa services to kick off your Malibu beach vacation!

The Casa Malibu Inn on the beach is a smaller beach resort on a private beach. This beachfront hotel offers kitchenettes, free breakfast, and of course a beautiful sandy white beach which also offers sunsets and sunrise.

• Best Beachfront Vacation Rentals near Malibu •

A beautiful beachfront vacation rental may be the ideal solution for your Malibu beach vacation if you are planning to have a family vacation or group vacation.


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