Isla Pasion of Cozumel
It is going to be a great day!

Relax at Passion Island of Cozumel

Isla Pasion is a beautiful, privately owned little island on Cozumel, Mexico. The beach on Passion Island itself is often reviewed as the best beach on Cozumel. It is also rated as one of the top 10 things to do in Cozumel for its fun activities or just a relaxing day at its white sandy beach!

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Have fun with new friends and family playing beach games if you wish. Enjoy the beach... you are on a Mexico beach vacation!

You will be able to enjoy the full service Isla Pasion Beach Club with all the amenities you will need to have a perfect day at the beach of Passion Island! Enjoy the lunch buffet and open bar. 

We suggest you try to purchase prior to boarding the cruise ship. Buy it online directly to save some money.

Fun ride on Twister!

Enjoy the lunch buffet and open bar.

The Passion Island Beach Club offers a variety of all inclusive activities to choose from.

• The Beach Adventure
• Check out Twister! 1,000 horse power of boat madness!
• The Jungle Kayak
• The Jungle Jeep Adventure
• The all inclusive for Kids.
• Getting married? Maybe you would like to have your all inclusive destination wedding on Isla Pasion!
Passion Island kid games

Check out their website for full details of each of these great all inclusive activities on Ilsa Pasion or Passion Island!

The Passion Island tour duration is approximately 5-6 hours and arrangements may be made to be picked up from some hotels.

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