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Edited May 2023

Jericho Beach, facing north towards Vancouver and the North shore mountains, provides fantastic views of the Vancouver's skyline. 

Looking out from shore you will enjoy the various freighters, sailboats and yachts. It is one of the quieter Vancouver beaches so, if you want a little more space and find easier parking, we would recommend this beach.

This lovely beach, also located in Kitsilano, was a hotbed for the hippie generation in the 60's. It is also where Greenpeace got its roots. As a result of its flower power roots, it is home of the popular and yearly Vancouver Folk Festival. Kitsilano is now a very affluent neighborhood to reside in.

Vancouver Beaches Jericho Beach sailboatsSailing from Jericho Sailing Club

Jericho Beach caters to sun lovers, swimmers, on the east side of the beach. On the western side of the beach it caters more to the sailboats and windsurfers under the watchful eye of the Jericho Sailing Association . Happy sailing!

Want to go ocean Kayaking? Ecomarine Ocean Kayak Centre has a rental office on this beach!

This is also where you will find the HI Vancouver Jericho Beach , the only beach hostel in Vancouver. This waterfront hostel in Vancouver was an army barrack from years gone by when this beach was home to a seaplane base.

Features of Jericho Beach

• On the Seaside Seawall system. (great for strolls, jogging, rollerblading or cycling)

• Concession stand during summer months.

• Public washrooms

• Playing fields for frisbee or more.

• Tennis Courts

• Picnic Tables for family fun.

The only beach youth hostel in Vancouver.

Jericho Sailing Centre/Association 

• Two sand Volleyball courts for friendly competition with friends or to meet new friends.

• Swimming raft

• Lifeguarded Victoria Day (late May) to Labour Day (early September)

• Park with its trails and some wildlife.

• Windsurfing

• Sailing lessons and Kayak lessons and rentals available.

Jericho Beach Park

Jericho Beach Park is a small park but is worthy of mentioning as it adds to a family fun day in Vancouver. You will find small trails ideal for mountain biking and strolling. Children always enjoy seeing small wildlife in their natural habitat. You may even be surprised by seeing an eagle perched upon a tree. Ducks are always in the pond and are always a hit in early spring when children can see ducklings following their proud mother. There are also many rabbits but please do not touch them or feed them. Not only is it not good for them, you may get a fine up to $500.00!

Why not take a picnic basket, a few sand toys and make it a relaxing day at this popular Vancouver Beach? Here are more of Vancouver's best beaches!

Jericho Beach Map

Here is a great map of the best beaches in Vancouver. To enlarge simply click the square at the upper right corner.


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