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The Liveliest Beach In Los Angeles!

Venice Beach, Los AngelesEnjoy Venice Beach, Los Angeles

Updated November 2023

Venice Beach, Los Angeles! If you are looking for the most entertaining and liveliest beach in Los Angeles, there is no need to look any further.

Venice Beach offers the most eclectic atmosphere and fun of all Los Angeles beaches. If people watching is what you love to do, then this is the place to do it. The beach of Venice, Los Angeles, is of course a beautiful strand which is almost 3 miles (4.8 Km.) long. The sand is of great quality and there is plenty of it! If all you are looking to do is relax at the beach and do some tanning yet have all the facilities you will find it here. However, this beach area also offers a great recreational center and a fun carnival atmosphere on the famous boardwalk. 

The Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks manage the Muscle Beach facilities as well as the famous Boardwalk. You will also find other fitness areas such as skate parks, tennis and paddle courts, boxing areas, gymnastics, children play areas.

What to do at Venice Beach!

The Venice Beach Boardwalk or Promenade is one of the main attractions of this California waterfront destination. The Boardwalk is most of the length of the beach and is extremely busy during peak season. This area is known for its many cafe’s, restaurants and a multitude of shops offering very “creative” wares! Street entertainers or buskers as they are known create a circus like atmosphere keeping tourists well entertained (take time to watch the video). Many of these entertainers have been here for many years  making this area one of the most entertaining areas in all of Los Angeles.

Many famous musicians, comedians and actors had their humble beginnings along the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

Of course this Los Angeles waterfront destination is also known for its Muscle Beach which includes an outdoor gym where pumping iron is the order of the day. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a regular in this area in his early days and this is where he began his acting career. The basketball courts here have also been the beginning of a few basketball stars.

• Surfing in this area, like any Los Angeles beach is known for surfing. Here is your surf report and Web cam for Venice Beach at
• The bike path is for bicycles only. Rent a bike and have fun.

Tips & What to Watch for at Venice Beach

• You will easily find restrooms, change rooms and showers.
• No need to pack a lunch here. Plenty of restaurants and cafés.
• Bring some small change and dollar bills to feed the street entertainers. It is their life work and they appreciate your donations.
• Parking is at a premium. Follow all regulations. It is well patrolled.
• Bring a sweater. Believe it... Or you may end up buying a souvenir one.
• There is no alcohol allowed on any California beach.
• If you plan to take your pet for a walk, there is only one beach in Los Angeles that allows it. Visit Leo Carrillo Beach. It is the only pet or dog friendly beach in Los Angeles. Dogs are allowed on the boardwalk. During peak season dogs must be on leash at all times. From late May to early September, dogs are not allowed on the Venice Boardwalk from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sat., Sun, and holidays. Here is a list of off leash dog parks in Venice
• Water conditions in Los Angeles beaches can vary. Therefore if you plan to spend a lot of time in the water we suggest you visit L.A. public health water advisory site.
• Danger! Watch for rip tides and currents. Check for safest areas with the lifeguards on duty. Always and everywhere.

Links To Help You On Your
Venice Beach Vacation

Start planning: 

The weather in Venice Beach is wonderful. At certain times of the year there is a morning fog that burns off readily to reveal the California sun in its full glory. As mentioned it is always a good idea to have a sweater handy for early mornings and late evenings. Here is the Los Angeles yearly average to help you plan your vacation long term.Here is the current beach weather at Venice, California.

Rentals: Rent some surf equipment or get surfing lessons. Rent a bicycle, inline skates and more! Try some of these locations.
Dining: There are also a wide variety of restaurants and food stands in the area offering everything from concession food to gourmet if you look for it close by. Want to find the best restaurants in a hurry?
This TripAdvisor link is set up for restaurants in LA. *Tip* Move the map to desired area for restaurants closest to where you wish to find a restaurant. Best Waterfront Destinations makes it easy for you!

Best Waterfront Hotels Near Venice Beach

Hotel Erwin, a Joie de Vivre hotel

Visit our Best Los Angeles Waterfront Hotels

Quality beachfront hotels may be found in Malibu or other smaller cities near Los Angeles. There you will find less traffic and hotels which are more conducive to relaxation and your romantic beach vacations.

There is however one or two beachfront hotels in Venice Beach that we may recommend. The Hotel Erwin, a Joie de Vivre hotel (Love of life) offers easy access to the fun and exciting Venice Beach. The Joie De Vivre beachfront hotel is only 200 feet from the beach.
You may also want to consider the The Venice On The Beach keeping in mind that it is in a busy part of town.
Here are beachfront accommodations to get you started near Los Angeles.
• To the South we recommend Harmosa Beach.
• To the North, we recommend Malibu Beach Hotels

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